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"I Am Not A Monster - I'll Cover You"

Short animatic showcasing the love between Monty (werewolf) and Vince (vampire). Song used - "I'll Cover You" from the musical Rent.

"Mobster Tails" 

Comedy storyboards of duo detective armstrong and tao liu going undercover to bust an illegal catnip scheme happening in a mobster bar.

"Operation Tiger Rabbit" 

Yuuki Usano, in need of a job, goes in to apply for a position at a local bar. However, upon meeting Toraichi, she's thrown into the middle of a gun fight. 

"Across Town" 

Ayako makes her daily trek across town to visit her wife, Uzumi. As she travels, we gain insight into their relationship - and the tragedy that befell them both.

"You Dim Sum, You lose some"

Action story about a detective, Detective Armstrong, who gets his favorite afterwork treat stolen from a clever and sneaky felon, Boris. 

AMPhibia - Darcy and Sasha Fight

Not used for production

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