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"You Dim Sum, You Lose Some"

Action story about a detective, Detective Armstrong, who gets his favorite afterwork treat stolen from a 

clever and sneaky felon, Boris. 

"About Time" Storyboards (Parts 8 and 9)

Action Sequences from "About Time," a script about a man who goes back in time to fix all the chances he missed out on in life. (was not responsible for the story)

"Wizard's Apprentice" Storyboard Reel

Storyboards from a short film called "Wizard's Apprentice" in which a wizard must overcome his ego and work together with his apprentice to fix a spell gone wrong.

"Miracle Mooncake" Storyboard Reel

Storyboards of a 4 minute original short story about a character named Kohaku who must free his friends from a witch who has entrapped them inside puzzle pieces. 

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